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Imagine a cancer that none of us ever has to die from; a cancer that is almost completely preventable. It may seem unfathomable, but it's not. With proper screening and early detection, we will one day wipe out colon cancer. That day, however, has not yet come.

Colorectal Cancer News

Today, colon cancer is the third most common type of cancer diagnosed in the United States. It begins as a pre-cancerous polyp in the colon that, over the course of several years, develops into a malignant tumor. The goal is to stop the polyp before it gets a chance to make the transformation from polyp to tumor.

The big picture

In 2004, nearly 150,000 of us were diagnosed with colon cancer in the U.S. This year, 60,000 of us are expected to die. Those of us at highest risk for the disease have a family history of colon cancer and are 50-plus years of age. Studies suggest that those of us who eat a high-fat diet or whose gastrointestinal tract is chronically inflamed are at increased risk as well.

If colon cancer is caught in the early cancer stages, it is eminently treatable. Of all the treatment options, the best usually involves some form of surgery to snip out a few feet of diseased colon. In some cases, surgery will be bolstered by other therapies, such as chemotherapy or radiation.

The most important thing we can do to support one another is to encourage friends and family members to undergo regular screening for the disease. The best way to do that is to get tested ourselves. Yes, the screening tests can sometimes be invasive and unpleasant, but a diagnosis of advanced colon cancer is a lot more so.

Keep in mind: The life you save by getting screened for colon cancer may be your own -- and that's no small thing!

Colon cancer staging; shows tumors growing through layers of the colon wall for Stage 0, Stage I, Stage II, Stage III, and Stage IV colon cancer. Inset shows serosa, muscle, submucosa and mucosa layers of the colon wall, and lymph nodes and blood vessels.

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